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FAQS, or the same: Frequently Asked Questions.

Who designs the jewelry at Hello Geek and Freak?

All the jewels of the brand are designed and created from scratch by Eli, in his workshop in Girona.


How can I personalize an item?

Any custom design or modification to an existing jewel must be reviewed and agreed by message. Write me and I will try to help you!

How do I find my ring size?

You have a magnificent size guide in the bottom menu of the footer. In the Information section.

Is it safe to use my credit card on the web?

Yes. Hello Geek and Freak only works with Stripe and PayPal, two international online payment management operators that offer all the guarantees so that transactions are safe.

Can I modify or cancel my order?

Yes, there is no problem in modifying or canceling an order, but you will have to write to me for it. You can do it from the contact section at the bottom menu of the footer or through networks if it is easier for you.

¿How much time does my order take to arrive? Can you ship the same day?

Parcel preparation times during the season of events and/or Christmas are approximately 1 week but may vary depending on the country of destination. Domestic shipments are delivered in about 2-4 business days. Deliveries to Europe usually take between 2-4 weeks. International non-European shipments usually take between 3 and 6 weeks. If you need an urgent shipment, contact me before placing the order. You can do it from the contact section at the bottom menu of the footer or through networks if it is easier for you.

Can I return the jewel if I don't like it?

Of course! If you are not happy with your order, I will refund your money in the next 3-5 days (shipping costs not included). You must first send the item back to me in perfect condition to my workshop or the return will not be possible. Write me and we'll talk about it!

I want to collaborate with Hello Geek and Freak, what should I do?

Well... let me tell you, you're in luck! because I'm working on an affiliate program that you're going to love. As soon as it is ready you can read the conditions here.

Is there a physical Hello Geek and Freak store?

Right now we do not have any HGF store but we are working on it and soon you will be able to find HGF outlets in various locations. If you have a store and want to work with the brand, write me and we will evaluate your proposal!

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