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Ready to start this exciting journey?

If you have come this far wanting me to design a jewel for you, you are probably wondering when I open the agenda to sign up.

And I must be honest, right now it's very difficult for me to organize myself for a few weeks to work exclusively on your personalized jewels... but what would HGF be without you?!

I have thought about it a lot because you know that I love working in the creative process, exchanging ideas and ways to create that special piece that makes you so excited. Being able to be part of your celebration and that you let me translate it into a jewel is something that fills my heart, and despite not having enough time to be able to set aside a few weeks a year exclusively to work on it, I am going to try to combine the collections of the web, with the events, and add these "custom" orders that I know you are so excited about.

Does this mean that I will be able to dedicate myself to making customs all year long? No. Obviously it is impossible for me to be able to work on such important pieces quickly or under pressure, but you can write to me whenever you want so that I can give you a budget and an approximate delivery date that I will try to meet with all my might.

Knowing this and taking into account that I will never accept an order with a delivery date prior to the next six months, if you feel like it you can fill out the following form.

Thank you so much for being here!

I receive many messages daily, please be patient waiting for a response!

Upload file

I'll answer you right away so I have a little while!

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