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I remember one time when a client told me:

“Eli, you may not realize it, but you are making the dreams of many of us come true.”


And it's true, I love making people happy, I love knowing that my work can steal smiles and create emotions wherever I go.


Do you like delicate and elegant jewelry that you can wear every day without worrying about it getting damaged?

Do you feel the need to express your personal tastes through your style?

Do you want to look beautiful wearing jewelry without looking extravagant?

Do you value quality and want to have a unique piece that will last over time?

Do you dream of immortalizing a special moment in your life with an exclusive and unforgettable piece of jewelry?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then friend, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!


My name is Eli Puig, and my mission is to design jewelry inspired by Japanese pop culture that deeply connects with you. Jewelry created especially for true fans. For fans like you.

>> MY STORY <<

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My passion for Japanese pop culture began when I was 12, reading mangas and playing video games like a conceited crazy person; Because girls, it's clear that you can be a geek and still dress elegant at the same time!


During the first four years of the Brand, Hello Geek and Freak sold through a famous international marketplace and, after a lot of effort and work, reached a whopping figure of more than 10 thousand pieces sold around the world; He sold around seven jewels a day, a real blast!


But not everything has always been uphill, in 2020 that marketplace blocked my store and I found myself, without prior notice, with absolutely nothing. No store, no customers, no social networks, no website. NOTHING. With bills to pay, a house to maintain and dogs to feed.


Luckily, today I can tell you that that experience gave me a great lesson and I learned not to leave the reins of my business (and in my case, a large part of my life) in the hands of another person.


And if Hello Geek and Freak has something, it is that it is not just a jewelry brand, Hello Geek and Freak is my way of life, it is my values, it is my daily life and how it connects with you and communicates with the rest of the world. And of that I CAN be proud.


HGF has created a fantastic community on networks, we have created an incredible work team and I am immensely grateful to you because not only have we recovered what we had in record time, but we have also created an enviable connection with our audience. And that connection together with daily work is what makes Hello Geek and Freak unstoppably one of the leading jewelry brands inspired by Japanese pop culture in this country.

Girls, boys, dreams come true. Never stop fighting for them. And if one day you have the opportunity to dedicate yourself to what you like, do it without fear! The reward you will get is one of the best in the world. HAPPINESS.

"Choose a job you like and you won't have to work a day of
your life."
- Confucius.

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